AC/DC Hells Bells Tab For Guitar With Chords, Intro And Solo

This is a classic AC/DC track which is a relatively easy song to learn on the guitar. Hope you find the Hells Bells tab useful. If you have your own guitar tab you have worked out for this song, please feel free to submit it through our contact page.

Guitar Amp Settings for Playing Hells Bells Guitar Tab

If you have a Line 6 Spider IV, there is a Back in Black setting which is pretty close. With a few tweaks you can get the AC/DC heavy metal sound.

Obviously if you want to mimic the true AC/DC sound, you are going to need a Gibson SG, although not absolutely necessary. If you play though a cranked up Plexi into Marshall 4 x 2, you shouldn’t have a problem getting the sound.

Before you check out the tab at the bottom of the page….

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Free Video Guitar Lesson: AC/DC Style Hells Bells Chords and Hell Bells solo

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AC/DC Artist Study: Angus Young Licks

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AC/DC Back In Black Lesson Guitar Tab with Chords And Solo Riff

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