Best Online Electric Guitar Lessons

Are you simply starting out on guitar or are you currently an accomplished player? Whatever your level of guitar playing, you can benefit greatly from online lessons. Guitar Tricks is a company who have been offering guitar tuition with online video lessons for over ten years. There are more than 3000 lessons to select from. Whatever level you are at, Guitar Tricks has something for you.

For beginners Guitar Tricks has developed their guitar fundamentals course. This instructs you to understand the basics of music, play chords and all about standard song structure. This is a self paced course where you progress at your own speed. The videos can be seen as often times as you such as. Text based learning products are also supplied as a download, this means that if you wish to exercise far from the computer you have everything you need. Any of the videos can also be downloaded to your computer system for offline learning

These lessons advance from the basics to teaching you different types of guitar playing such as blues, country and rock. The guitar teachers on Guitar Tricks come from a range of musical backgrounds, every one is a specialist in their category, so you will get a comprehensive grounding in the art of playing guitar. Dave Wiener is one of the tutors and has played on Steve Vai’s world tours. For bass you also have great players such as Bryan Beller who has played with Joe Satriani’s band and also with Gurthie Govan. It’s all here for you to use and end up being the guitar player you dreamed of ending up being.

free online guitar lessons

After finishing the intermediate lessons you will have the ability to follow any of the specific courses for the kind of music you wish to play. What I really like about Guitar Tricks is that if you fancy playing like Clapton or Hendrix you can look them up and certain lessons will be provided on those players techniques. The website offers a helpful online community forum, where you will find like minded guitar players to point you to the answers to any questions you may have. Guitar Tricks also has a superb tool called Jam Station which enables you to play together with over 150 full band tracks, this really helps enhance your timing and feel, and is the nearest to playing along in a real band.

Guitar Tricks offer some free guitar lessons to try, once you choose that you want to join the cost is $14.95 per month, which is a great price for all the fantastic lessons you get. If you’re serious about your guitar playing head over to and check it out.


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